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14 March 2006

Number Cruncher

That's me: an official number cruncher. Haha, who would have thought. All that accounting information that I hid in the dark recesses of my brain has had to appear again (with a little help from google searching). Cash to accrual, RVUs and reconciliations. Sounds GROSS! Truthfully it's not that bad with all of the problem solving and editing formulas. My brain may explode during the learning process: smocks and goggles are recommended wear for close contact.

But which plant should I get for my office?! That is the truly important question. Knowing NOTHING about growing green things and afraid I would buy an outdoor plant for my no window office, I may resort to taking my mother to Home Depot with me.

I could always put those motivational posters with slogans like "TEAMWORK!" around the room... gag me.

How can I make these walls burst with excitement?!


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