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10 March 2006

Last day @ Getaway

It has been a while since my last published post (I have to keep SOME things secret, don't ya know!). The past week has been taxing on me: trying to find a replacement for my current job, signing endless papers for my new health insurance, and dealing with an inordinate amount of Bank of America mess. But the conclusion is that things are calming down. I will head into my last day of work at the sailing club shortly to give my 40 hours a week to a new boss/company on Monday. The boss man and Bill are taking me to Bo Brooks to celebrate/mourn my departure for lunch today. I hope tears don't start falling.

BTW. Got into Syracuse's grad program. Incredible. Just waiting for financial information so I can make my decision. Every day I go another direction in my head about school. Who knows what will happen.


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