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20 January 2006

American's become even MORE afraid of immigrants

Check out No More Deaths ~ No Mas Muertes for information on the recent Sellz and Strauss arrests after helping recent border crossers access immediate health care. No More Deaths is a volunteer organization helping establish water and emergency relief areas in the desert. Hundreds of illegal immigrants die each year trying to walk through the desert into Arizona in hopes of work and a better life. Here is an article from Mother Jones on the subject.

The conflicting regulations of the Bush administration over immigration and workers policies have led to confusion and harsh penalties by the border police. Hey, lets just become as xenophobic as Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo and build a fence between us and Canada while we are at it! Who elected this guy?!

"So radical were his proposals - calling for a fence along the United States border with Canada, for instance - and so fierce were his attacks on fellow Republicans who did not share his views that many of his colleagues tried to avoid him. Mr. Tancredo said Karl Rove, President Bush's senior adviser, had told him not "to darken the doorstep of the White House." NYT front page article.


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