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05 January 2006

Holiday Knits

With nothing better to do over the holiday vacation, I entertained myself with some knitting. The first two pictures are of the wedding blanket I am knitting for Julia. The last panel is shown. Now just a few turns of a tapestry needle and some edge work and whala! Finito! The chair cover was origonally a cap gone wrong. But I like the chair cover so much, I may use the pattern to make another one! Currently trying my hand at an entrelac knit color scarf. The pattern is more confusing than it needs to be. What else should I do with my three skeins of peruvian highland wool?! (all differnt but coordinating colors). Hats? Braided scarf? It would be a shame to throw it in the random scrap yarn basket. Sigh. Guess I should figure this pattern out. Crazy entrelac.


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