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21 February 2006

Vday Tricks and Chocolate Sushi

The last week of my life:
Amazing V-Day (two days actually! sneaky sneaky)
Dog sitting Goose
Parents in Costa Rica for Aunt Susan's destination wedding
Wilson in the D.R. for work (having too much fun for work)
Job Interview (keep your fingers crossed for this one!)
Whitney sick (what else is new?... I should be more compassionate)

So those are my excuses for not posting. Now to it!

Girls, your Valentines Day solutions are here! Ever wait too long to make those dinner reservations? Think he may not get you a gift (even though you announce VDay to be silly and pointless, you obviously still deserve a gift!)? Solution: Don't give in to the restaurant madness! Ask him to take you to your restaurant of choice the day AFTER the dreaded VDay. This way, you still get a wonderful meal, and you are not stuck on this so-called "special" day at Applebees. Next, sly-ly drop off your card, a homemade treat, and a small (inexpensive) gift at his place while he is at work. This works best if you have keys, but a basket on the porch will do fine. When he gets home from work and discovers your treasures, he will immediately go out to buy you something sweet in return. This way the gift you receive will be price appropriate to what you spent, and you never have to know if he forgot! I made delish little lemon bars which require practically no effort, but do remember to make them a day before, so there is time to cool them. I placed them on a heart-shaped plate and sprinkled confectioners sugar on top. His buddies at work gave him a hard time about the plate, but no one complained about the treats!

My valentine's day was spent doing laundry and cleaning, but the evening romantic bath with candles took the last dryer load right off my mind! Hot baths with a cracked window in the winter make everything steamy and wonderful. A late night ice cream run had us giggling with a sugar high well into the a.m. The next day we went to the Melting Pot in Towson for some fondue-fun. Their sapphire martini is a mouthful of gin, but great for us liquor lovers. No we didn't feed each other, but I have to admit, we did share one side of the booth.

Finished the Charlotte shrug for Whitney. Not incredibly happy with it. Still need to thread through the ends and block it with a wet towel. Maybe it will look better then? It looks exactly like the picture, but not as flattering on me as it looks on the models in the pattern book. Sigh. I'll take a picture of the final product on Whitney and post it.

This website makes me want to become vegan. And these chocolate and candy sushi pieces are incredible!!! If only I could afford one to taste!


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