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22 February 2006

Dust in the Wind

If only I could get that song out of my head.

Created the best salad last night at Whole Foods! The tip is to add corn and granola to spinach leaves. YUM. Then I overdosed on kiwi and strawberries (even better!). I need to start running more so that I can feel less guilty about eating such great food all the time.

I have been reading Jared Diamond's book Collapse and learned so much about the effects of coal mining. Here is a wonderful complimentary article. But we cannot just stop coal mining in the US only to push it off to other nations like Brazil. There will always be environmental destruction somewhere until our energy practices become more refined. You know the problem is serious when Bush even commits to reducing our dependence on oil and increasing alternative energy sources. Who thought up the idea to blow off the top of a mountain in the first place?! How did anyone think that would be a good idea?! This is a crazy world with very greedy people in it. And below: a little coal humor to add to the mood.


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