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11 January 2006

Red blinking lights

Ran last night at Loch Raven with the boy. Started at the side parking just after the gate and ran till a 1/4 mile past the second bridge and back. Felt great! Still had energy when we got back to the car and certainly could have handled another mile or two. Total run time was about 30 min? Need to start bringing a watch with me, but that violates my anti-watch theory. Why submit to the clock?! Google's pedometer is wonderful. The loop around my neighborhood is 2 miles and from Biddle street around the Harbor and back is 4. These nice little jogs are keeping my spirits up during the winter. My arms are getting smaller though without the climbing (maybe that's a good thing?!). Just hoping to keep the motivation going. Every time I run harder through the hills and faster. Progress is a wonderful thing.

My credit card was stolen. Irrationally I was hoping it was just lost in the back pocket of a pair of jeans somewhere and never canceled it. Stupid mistake. $300 in charges later. Who spends that much money at Royal Farms?! Absurd! That is a LOT of fried chicken and coffee. The big question is where did I leave it? And why am I so irresponsible? Thank goodness for Bank of America and their wonderful policies reinstating me for all the fraudulent charges. As my bank account quickly reaches the zero dollar mark I have been overwhelmed with worry about my job and not making enough money to make it through the winter. Interview Friday morning just to keep my options open.

The scarf I am almost halfway through knitting. Hopefully I will have enough yarn to finish. The lace pattern on the edge worked, but not as I thought it would have. The color work is too easy. Yarn is beautiful and soft. Almost the same colors. Will post a picture of the real thing next chance I get. Pattern is from the Rowan Vintage book.

This sweater was started about two months ago and I lost patience with it. Hopefully will finish it by the time Spring arrives. Working on shaping armholes on the back piece currently. The yarn I have was different than suggested and I am terribly worried it will end up too wide.


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