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24 February 2006

My So Called Life: part III

Let's call my naive life from birth to 2004 Part I. Trying to follow my passion in the outdoor industry with work Part II (full of more naive mistakes similar to Part I). And -- drum roll please -- Part III a big-girl job with a big-girl salary in a big-girl relationship. This is a milestone here! Watch out world, here I come, finally awaken are raring to work my way up the corporate ladder.
CHEERS for big-girl decision making!
My new position as Consultant Associate (who thinks up these silly bugger names?) for the Finance Department at St. Agnes -- Really a Financial Analyst -- whatever. But there should be room for quick advancement and hello benefits! But goodbye to the great view from my current office. Today I am glad for the move to the big office with no windows, as I fought for my life coming to work. The waves crashing over the side of the pier. Wind at 35 knots. Cold winter air a slap in the face. Not everyone has to battle the harsh elements of the winter water every morning. This could be a good change. But I will miss the warm summer days, sitting on the balcony watching the shipping traffic. Helping move boats around, and taking a quick sail for my lunch hour. Dick and Bill were upset that I was leaving, but handled it really well. Said how much more competent I was than Jennifer, and complimented me on the direction in which I took the job. Well from one thing to another.


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