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06 February 2006

Calmer - no not the yarn

I've been noticeably calmer lately. Maybe it's the winter blues (or Seasonal Affective Disorder if you are a shrink who needs and excuse to increase their client base). Perhaps knitting is making me calmer (highly doubtful given the amount of times I have to frog my work). More and more I am starting to think it's the satisfaction I have being with Wilson. No, this is not that "comfortable" where girls put on 20 pounds and stop fixing their hair in the morning. It is a satisfaction of happiness that took the edge off me. There is no need to run around like crazy from one place to another, triple-book myself (my date book used to always have mounds of conflicting appointments!) or be productive every second of the day. Lately there have been days where I can read for more than an hour and not feel guilty about it!

Is this a response implanted in my brain from a childhood of being expected to marry well and produce children... as soon as I think I am on that track becoming more satisfied with my life? Or is this genuine happiness without the attached stigma? A little bit of both can't hurt... right? Spring being around the corner (and always too damn far away) may put an added skip to my step, but I am comforted with the inner calmness that the boy has brought out in me.

On the other hand I have been inspired. Truly inspired. Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Oh heavens do I see myself in her. I just pray that my knitting life never becomes that chaotic, but I am worried. She has a website here with daily diatribes that correspond well with the book. Speaking of knitting!!! I have finished the wedding throw! Hooray! And it took much less time to bind together than assumed. Thank you my large tapestry needles. There are a few mistakes (only noticeable to my eyes ... and other perfectionist knitters of the world) but having decided not to stress over gifts of love, I am not worrying. NEXT PROJECT! From Rowan 38, Charlotte. It is an adorable shrug with Whitney's name on it. Finished the front section this weekend in a green chunky ribbon yarn. Notice the cabling! Hooray for successful cables! Only one dropped stitch, lazily picked up incorrectly... barely discernible if you ask me ;o) Hopefully my spoiled little sister, who I love to death, will actually wear it! I should be blocking and finishing this weekend or earlier if everything goes as planned. I checked out the new Rowan Spring/Summer 29 last week at Woolworks on Falls and was rather disappointed. Normally I am WOW-ed away by the amount of projects I can see my self making. Sorry guys, but the itty-bitty barely-there tank tops aren't my style now that I am over the age of 16, and certainly don't have my 16 year old body. So you will stay in the store pattern book, and I will concentrate on your Vintage book instead. Maybe even pick up that sweater I started this Fall. At least I am done with KidSilk Haze! There can be NO knitting in the dark with that yarn! Impossible!

I think this knitting thing is becoming a slight obsession. Eeeks.


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