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16 August 2006

So I have been off the needles for a while, but who is that beautiful girl wearing the prettiest shrug ever seen?! Oh, that's sissy and the bday knitted present for her. Looks so good on her that I'll have to knit another one in the brown Rowan ribbon yarn for myself! Looks like I should have blocked the cables... hmm do I ever block anything?

Still working on the green monster of a sweater I started last year. Pathetic I know, but only the collar, and two sleeves to go. The back of it just looks horribly uneven. It will end up being an "inside" only sweater, unless it comes together better than it looks now. The short cabled scarf from One Skein is looking fancy! Just not sure who to give it too. Grandad? Wilson? Myself?! Because it's a short scarf, I'm in need of a clasp to overlap the ends around the neck. In the book they used a wooden short knitting needle, but a hair stick may look nice. Perhaps a button with a fun slogan on it. Oh yes, also quickly knitting up a pretty pink scarf that will be warm, soft, and full of little fuzzies that tickle your nose. Working a simple 2x2 rib with a mohair and handspun yarn from the sheep and whool festival.
SPEAKING OF SHEEP AND WHOOL FESTIVAL!.... All the pretty yarn and alpacas! Not to mention the lamb sausages and lamb burgers. Mmmm. The best part was seeing a woman spin angora straight from the rabbit! Wilson and I left tired, smelly, and itchy with a bag of yarn to show for it. There's my furry buddy to the right. Wilson and I brought home a pamphlet on owning an alpaca farm. Maybe one day. Just need to become wealthy with time on my hands first ;o)

Missing climbing. Haven't been anywhere in two months because of the gross hot weather. Last place was the New River Gorge with Wilson over a Memorial Day weekend. There was a lot of ET climbers down there (no big surprise) but that made it even more fun! Brought my bike with me, but I was so tired from climbing that it was never taken off the rack. The climbing was good with Wilson leading some nice 5.8's on trad. There was one 10b in Kaymoore that I lead except for the finished bolt. The last bit was so scary for me that I cowered off of it and had Wilson finish with beta from the group next to us. Stayed at Rodger's with my now moldy tent. How much does a rainfly cost? Can I even buy just the rainfly? So much for taking care of expensive gear. The picture is of Wilson leading a 5.8 under the bridge area. Solid crack climbing, with the shortest possible approach. And awww... look at the cute couple all dirty from climbing.


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