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10 April 2006

Small update

This girl is a MAJOR slacker. Given the amount of time I spend messing around at work, you would think this blog would be updated more often. Things have been slow paced and relaxing lately. Wilson is in a new apartment on Charles St. and when we are not being kept awake by the downstairs gay bar's pounding bass at night, we have been unpacking/cleaning/organizing. I have also been an obsessive knitter lately and progressed nicely on the Salina sweater. Bought a skein of sock yarn in some wild colors to attempt my first pair when I find the nerve (and a pattern I understand). This weekend will be spent at Wilson's family home on the eastern shore for Easter: a chance to meet his sister and relax by the water. Also bought a new digi camera so be prepared for some photo entries soon! Back to work for now...


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