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19 December 2005

You can't catch me

I may need to buy a new pair of running shoes if this keeps up. My knees hurt terribly today (but less than the last run... getting better?). Starting point is Sterling's apt in Mt. Vernon and it's down to the Harbor, around, and back. About 3.5 miles give or take, the last mile a painfull uphill past the monument. My legs are solid as steel and can handle the pavement beating well enough. My heart is another story. If only I could get it to stay at a calmer pace I could certainly run longer and harder. It is frustrating to not be tired muscularly, but only in my chest. Oh, the disapointment that comes from only being a lowely route climber with no cardio fitness. I was doing well this summer with my two-hour intense mountain biking sessions up at Loch Raven, but that stopped hard after Pretty-boy moved to D.C. and my jaw started to stay locked for hours after the hard ride.


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