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22 December 2005

Winter Fun

Fantastic memories of being freezing cold, scared to death, and that terrible burning feeling when your arms go back down below your heart. Why do I want to do this again? Maybe it's just that winter kick to get outside and suffer. Perhaps it's just insanity. Either way I am desparate to get back to the daks and conquer Ice Slut again. Who has a pair of plastics and campons I can borrow?! Lets go!

On a warmer note: Leaving for Florida Saturday morning. 75 degrees all week. Hello sun! Then off to Julia's wedding in Cleavland. Me trying to get Meagan excited about it:
Fool2believe: then its set, we are going
Fool2believe: grab your lilac dress and flask

If only I really owned a flask, life would be much more interesting. Okay, so more towards the bad side of interesting than the good side, but at least I would have some great stories to tell (if I could remember them).

Ordered skiis from Black Diamond. Hopefully they will come in and aren't backordered. Soooo pretty! And backcountry bindings so my heel can pop out and tear away cross country and uphill! Oh the places I'll go. Someone stop me from moving to Salt Lake. I've always wanted to be a the ski patrol and wear those fantastic red jackets. The snowmobile and fancy litter are great little additions, but it's the jacket that convinces me. I should put all future ambitions aside and run off to the slopes in search of a job right now! The question is, how do they live in expensive ski resort areas like Aspen and Telluride on a measly $8/hr winter job?! Family money? Do all ski patrol dudes live in the back of a pimped out van? I would be down for living in a van only if it had green shag carpeting and I could call it The Mystery Machine.


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