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19 December 2005

Night out on the town with Jaim-o

Randomness in Baltimore: At Nacho Mama's with Jaim-o, mum and dad when my mother turns to Jaim-o to comment on the large amount of single men in the joint. Of course none of them meet this girl's standards and she quickly dismisses the comment. Two hours later walking out of Brewer's Art I get pulled aside by an incredibly handsome older man who has lovely compliments for me and my stylin coat. 34, sexy face stubble, dark eyes and handsome and hell. He entrances me in a conversation and begs Jaim-o and I to go with him and friends to Federal Hill. I agree after I see the pleading look in Jaim-o's eyes and end up having a wonderful time out with complete strangers. Ten minutes into Federal Hill I come to my senses and step back to discourage the boy and hand him over to my girl (trying hard to keep myself out of trouble and maintain the mutual exclusive nature of my current relationship). Later in the night he gets Jaim-o's number and I have done my job and start to head out the door. Willy (such an inappropriate name for a large guy) mentions seeing us at Nacho Mama's on the way out the door. Hmm. That's odd. Now did they follow us to Brewer's or was it crazy coincidence? Little bit scary. Drove home incredibly tired and almost hit a deer, again. Side-note: ran into Greg, one of my first college friends... Awkward "so what have you been up to conversations" never cease to bore me out of my gourd.


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