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15 November 2005

Sin City Here I Come!

My Red Rocks/Zion extravaganza begins in less than 48 hours! But with minimal gear packed and guidebook-less, it does look a bit daunting. I should not be a climber for a sole reason that my favorite piece of gear is my .5 tri-cam. Just because it's pink mind you. My rack is started and Solange filled in the holes with her graciousness. Hoping to teach Jeff how to clean sport routes and follow a multi-pitch trad route in a day. It can be done! Right?! Must remember extra batteries for my headlamp, duct tape and a knife. Hoping my rope doesn't get stuck forever on the "velcro rock"... and yes my rope is pink too. Hopefully Jeff is secure enough with his masculinity to handle this trip.
GOAL: Climb as many sport routes and mixed routes in Black Corridor, Magic Bus Wall and Ultraman Wall not to mention Cat in the Hat: a 6 or 7 pitch 5.6+ trad with bolted anchors. Looking forward to the challenge! Last night I decided that Crimson Chrysalis 5.8+ was just not going to happen. With the epic stories floating around and my inability to climb steep faces all I see is inevitable doom.
Climbed at Rocks State Park this past Sunday with Sterling who led up Vertical 5.6 with me following. We then climbed Piney 5.10a and who was down on the trail but my parents! How crazy is that?! It was the first time they have ever seen me climb and hopefully not the last. The trail around the backside was treacherous covered in so many leaves. Next time I will just take the scramble from the top and rap down instead of leading up.

I need to remind myself to buy a mega million lotto ticket today. Up to $315 million! Talk about paying off your school loans! I would definitely have to buy a llama farm with those winnings.


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