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14 December 2005

Life is good, but expensive

This girl needs a budget and her credit cards cut in half. Eeeks. After an amazing month of traveling, fun times, and new winter dresses I am broke! So much for a savings account. Its a good thing paychecks come three times this month and ET has me working like mad. Christmas is a great season! When you are little you get toys galore and all the attention in the world. And when you're older, you get all the alcohol and Christmas parties you could ever hope for. It is merely halfway through December and I am already WRECKED by "holiday" parties.

Last Saturday night I went to an Agora party with Sterling: On the way there, a deer decided to jump into the back of my car. OUCH. Then the night proceeded with an inordinate amount of red wine, being hit on by married men twice my age, and a culmination of sledding in which Sterling decidedly lost his apartment keys. This hardly emphasizes the amount of red wine consumed to the point of dancing in the dining room with men hitting their heads upon the chandelier. Then Sterling fell (for the second time) on a slick patch of ice, manage to climb over a scary pointed fence to get to his car, and get no sleep that night because there were much better things to be doing.

So exhausted as one should be after such an eventful night of party and deer crashing, there was yet another holiday party to attend. With a quick nap and a hot shower later, I was dolled up in my new gold and black Christmas dress for the ET employee party in Columbia. Picked up Sterling and Aspinal only to wait around for Nicole who was busy getting harassed by Baltimore City police without her license. The party was nice and I did get an honorable mention for employee of the year. Left with a hat, a new book and most of my dignity in tact. The after party at Claddaugh's in Canton was the ending of me though. The last time I have had that much alcohol in my system was certainly 3 years ago. Yay, ET staff alcoholics! UG. So after dancing, spinning and slipping on the improvised dance floor, hitting T-Hom in the face by accident on my almost disastrous fall to the ground, kissing Sterling in front of everyone (ruining our secret relationship) and leaving my purse at the bar (cell phone within), I have certainly had enough of the holiday party concept. To top it off, work Monday morning consisted of a greasy breakfast, massive hangover and completely forgetting to come to work at ET that night. When I finally did show up that evening half of the gym clapped with my late arrival. WHEW!

Now I just need some R&R, and the disappearance of red wine. It's a good thing there was someone to share all this fun with.

Feeling very embarrassed, tired, and hopeful that this weekend's party will be less eventful.


Blogger The Great Dane said...

Hey hon, I'm home and I got this GREAT Christmas Party you gotta go to!!...Ok halfway kidding. I am home though.

And oh yeah, what's up #54 album of the year!? Way to go FAH!

12:27 PM


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