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12 October 2005

And it will be winter before you know it

I find most people to be more decisive in the fall. Summer heat is too heavy to make up your mind on anything. 'Oh, I have all summer to do that'. Unfortunately those warm months are shorter than we remember them being every year. Summer is also the time for selfishness. 'I need to look good in that bikini'. 'I need to have FUN! I need to go on vacation'. blah blah blah. But the leaves start to turn and the cold wind blows in and suddenly people start to change as well. Maybe its some ancient survival pattern in us where we need to prepare ourselves for a long winter ahead. Time to be productive! The crisp air makes you walk with a faster step. Maybe its simply the fact that we all have fall engraved in our minds to mean the start of school: a new beginning, a chance to prove ourselves, an opportunity to learn. But it also seems that people are suddenly more desperate to have someone else sharing that life with them. Summer is a great time to be single: sweaty aromas and active lifestyles. It's great to sit by the pool by yourself, but apple picking and hayrides... Not so much fun alone. We are all subconsciously looking for that winter romance all of the sudden. The one who will see us through the holidays and be our saving grace when your greatest fear is grandma trying to set you up with her new "smart and attractive" wealth advisor who spends his time manipulating wills of the elderly. Relationships start popping up all around us... Every one is doing it!


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