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02 December 2005

Scorpio madness

Lately my horoscope has been deceivingly wrong. Now to understand the disasterous consequences to this you have to understand that 1. I read my horoscope every day like all the other crazy people in the world, 2. I love being a Scorpio and 3. It is right in a scary (and I mean scary) way too often to ignore. Proof to be had by my college roommate who witnessed all accounts of insane predictability that is My Yahoo horoscopes. In certain ways I could also relate my life to a Garfield cartoon if I read that every day as well... but lets be serious about this for one minute and pretend I can't relate to an overweight cat who loves lasagna. Now does this lack of accuracy in predicting my future have to do with me straying from my intended path? Does it simply show the faliability of science? Or am I just overanalyzing this far more than I need to?

I wish my job was more predictable. Yesterday I got to deliver boats and take off sails and today I am bored to tears in my office while the 40mph gusts of wind are rocking the barge: pictures swinging and my stomache, not in its happiest state. It doesn't help that I didn't get any sleep last night because Sterling was sleep "acting" (not talking or walking... just throwing things around). And to cause even more distraction he sprayed me with his cologne this morning in a teasing manner, knowing FULL well that I can't think anything but him with my sweater smelling of man. What girl can honestly concentrate on anything with the smell of men's cologne constantly around her. I feel sorry for the horny, lonely, ladies who sell the stuff at Hechts. What they must endure! Oh, the agony of distracting man smell!

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