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13 October 2005

French romance

Laurant does not have a visa to work in the US, however he comes twice a week to volunteer with the city kids for the non-profit sailing program. He walks over an hour to get here, for a two-hour sailing program. This dedicated (not to mention incredibly handsome) French-man recently got married to the disappointment of many American women (myself included). The weather is miserable today and he arrives in full foul weather gear ready and happy to take some kids out sailing. Not surprisingly the program was cancelled as kids now a day seem to have forgotten how much fun it is to play in the rain! On this man's jacket is a sock knotted up and sewn to the front reflector. Not anything special, just a plain old white running sock with too high of an ankle to be be with current fashion trends.
So the story starts in Ireland on a sailing adventure with Laurant and an amazing girl. The trip was unforgettable. Afterwards Laurant and the lovely girl split ways not knowing the next chance at meeting they would have. He came home and unpacked his bags and lo and behold, *gasp*, a sock from the girl had been mixed in with his laundry. Now cherishing a sock may seem absurd to most, but it holds more value than remembrance. He sewed it on his sailing jacket to remind him every time he went out of the wonderful trip and as a promise to see the girl again. It has been three years. The sock is still there, looking too well cared for to be three years on a rain jacket. Laurant is newly married and still refuses to cut the treasured piece of this girl away.


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