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06 December 2005

Martha Stewart

Christmas is right around the corner with birthdays and weddings following shortly behind. Every spare second is spent shopping for gifts, thinking about possible gifts, or knitting gifts. Suddenly being incredibly domestic I have the urge to make fantastic homemade packages this year for family. They will be yummy and warm thanks to Martha Stewart's snowflake marshmallow recipe. And the best part: inexpensive. This morning I spilled orange juice on the afghan I started for Julia's wedding. Gross. So after cleaning wool and getting little white fuzzies all over my black shirt I am now at work desperate to get back to working on it. Paneling with a seafoam lace stitch and still considering putting in sectionals of another pattern. Working like mad to get it finished before the New Years Eve wedding date.

Someone is falling hard. What was supposed to be a casual fun relationship is starting to turn into much more. Now he is calling me to tell me about his bad days because somehow I lessen the stress. Asking me to join him on his after-work runs around the city because seeing me on the weekends is just not enough. Planning extended vacations together for next summer. Interesting turn. I am enjoying every second of it.

First snow of the year was last night. Seeing everything layed over in white is refreshing and inspiring to get my new skiis soon!!!


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