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24 July 2007


Whew, long time no post. Things have been so wonderful and busy that I haven’t even thought about taking a second to “document” my memories. With Charlie’s recent cross county cycling blog, I was inspired to pick it up once again.

So the big news: Wilson bought me a house! Okay, so he didn’t buy it for me exactly as a present or anything, but here we are living together on Beech Ave in Hampden! Now I need my pink lawn flamingos and maybe some more pool toys for the backyard blue vinyl tub. While he’s away this week in Vancouver for work (and cursing me for his dental emergencies) I overnighted some hip Orla Kiely wallpaper for the kitchen and master bedroom. It should be more like one giant strip of sticker than traditional wallpaper making it easier to put up and hopefully take down (keeping my toes crossed). The red mod stems are for the kitchen above the chair rail, and the stylized hydrangea flowers are for the bedroom. My favorite flower and hopefully masculine enough that Wilson won’t balk at my design choices. Let’s not mention the upcoming credit card bill with fall’s grad classes and house purchases. I could buy a bike at the end of the year with all the REI points I’m getting. Ouch, that’s sad.

So Wilson is in Vancouver with some terrible gross tooth abscess. Luckily he found a hottie dentist out there and is feeling better. Poor Ian had to drag him to the emergency room after his face swelled up. I was worried sick and felt so guilty about recommending my dentist in the first place for the procedure that caused this fiasco that I barely left the house for a day and spaced out miserably.

Jamie and Meagan came over last night for a girl’s night. Went for a short run together and then I spent an hour making a DELISH dinner. Chinese spiced coconut chicken breast and rosemary salted sweet potatoes in the oven. The “no pudge fudge” brownies and the two bottles of wine topped off the night. I can’t remember the last time I was such a silly girl with the girls. I should make Wilson leave more often!

Oh, and now we have a biting, old, english bull dog, BoBo living with us. I'll post pictures as he's too cute and fat to believe.


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