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04 October 2006

NCR: crash and burn

This new knitting book is HYSTERICAL! I can't stop giggling.

Wilson and I have been riding a lot and decided to venture away from Loch Raven and take a longer trip on the NCR last Sunday afternoon. Once I finally was pushed out of bed and had my fill of lunch at Wegman's we drove to the Monkton parking area and rode for 1 hour north at a decently thigh-cramping speed. On the way back cruising nicely with the slight downhill grade, I was distracted day dreaming about how I would certainly fall over biking if I had a baby attached to a bike seat carrier like some of the dads that day did. Next thing I know Wilson is waiting for me to catch up by practicing wheelies (yes, he's 30, not 12) and the sad attempt left him skidding on the gravel path. It was hard enough not to run over his face, let alone move his bike out of the way and get him to stand still before the next family came passing through. Two hours later leaving Patient First with a clean but knarled arm, I get the blame for getting him to buy a bike in the first place. What was I thinking?! Clearly the NCR is more dangerous than his solo aid climbing! haha. So it's been fun trying not to hit his arm accidentaly. I even cooked dinner Monday night (an interesting monte-cristo sandwhich with pears! mmm) for the poor feverish and bloody boyfriend.


Blogger lilwaldo said...

I miss you :-( Come up to NYC next week when I am in town :) ok :)

11:20 AM


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