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16 October 2006

Ouch... that trail was painful.

Yet another biking tragedy this past weekend. Wilson thinks I am trying to kill him and has come back bleeding from almost every trail we ride! I feel terrible, but intent on finding the perfect trail for us. Took him to Merryman's Loop in Loch Raven Sat. afternoon. We got to the trailhead and realized we left the front tires sitting in the parking garage in Mt Vernon. So after another hour in the car and two safely found front tires later... we hopped on our bikes and took off with added energy. Only two minutes into the loop (starting on the left trail) the hill became impossible for us to pedal up. Between the GIANT log crossings and extreme hill gradient, there was no way my ass was riding to the top. So we picked our bikes up and hiked the short beginning section. The next five minutes of riding was a cyclocross challenge for us, hopping of our bikes and lifting them over huge log crossings, then trying to get started again for more uphill riding. My thighs were burning and this was only the beginning! The trail then narrows into a two foot wide track that tips down to the right with a steep, dangerous fall off the edge. The fall leaves didn't help matters. After the first hellish section things got better as we took off on a fire road and headed for more singletrack by the resevior. Other than the sticker bushes and occasional wash-out, the trail was excellent and beautiful in the cool fall weather. Then we hit a torrential rocky uphill section and, who knows where we ended up, having taken a wrong turn somewhere - ending up on a hikers trail. We asked a nice old lady the quickest way out and booked up a hill to some roads in timonium. We found our way back to old bosley and then our car by road. The whole adventure took well over two hours and was far above my ability most of the time. My front brakes need to be adjusted and Wilson's gears are bent. Whoops. Maybe we'll stick to our loved Seminary loop for a bit longer. This weekend we'll try out Avalon area or, if on the eastern shore, the Kent Island bike path for an easy trip. I was so busy fighting the trail, I forgot to take a single picture!

Other silly pictures coming soon.


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