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08 October 2005

Wood ducks

Duck hunting is an interesting sport. Certainly not one that I am willing to devote large amounts of time sitting in the pouring rain for. The wood duck is a beautiful creature with remarkable feather coloring. The bird sighting was wonderful and I spotted many wood ducks, mallards, swallows getting ready to head south, two herons and an eagle. The hood of my rain coat filled with water as we stood there in the rain waiting for more mallards. Dad decided it would be a good idea to empty it out on my back. Very funny. Spent the rest of the morning freezing and praying my fingers would un-prunify themselves. Had lunch at the marina off of the Sassafrass where I helped deliver the Martha Lewis skipjack to earlier this year.

Researching Red Rocks. Planning on November 17th-22nd flying out to Vegas, spending some time with Katie and sport routes. Flights to Vegas are on sale right now, nice! Want to camp out the whole time, but the last night spend at the Bellagio or another equally amazing Vegas joint. Of course I cannot do this without spending the entire time laughing. Thinking about bringing my short black dress, lots of fake gold jewelry and coping a New Jersey accent for an evening out on the town. Flirting with some high rollers from Russia where I overhear their latest mob plans and help them traffic money through the casino winning a red sports car. Regular Vegas vacation of course. Back to climbing... Looks like the Black Corridor on the second pullout is the place to be. Having never climbed on sandstone before I am nervous about my ability to pull hard on the routes, but sure I can handle most of the 10's perhaps with a few hangs. Wilson said sandstone when wet breaks off easily. If it rains there will have to be a few canyon hikes waiting for me. Wilson wants to travel off to Zion for an overnight aid route. Maybe I will stay through Thanksgiving vacation with him and attempt something crazy. There is something deeply unsatisfying about aid climbing to me. Jugging routes has no appeal to me. Sleeping on a portaledge is even further from my idea of a vacation, but it would be an adventure!


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