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02 October 2005

Aww, how old is your dog?

To increase my recent unsocial behaviors to an even higher level, I am currently knitting an aveleen (spelled how it sounds not how its sopposed to be). It's a neck warmer, slash hood, slash hippie headband. Oh, and it's pink with cute ball tassels and an interesting rotating patern to it. My first attempt at circular needles and not as confusing as origonally assumed. Maybe I do have a slight bit of intelligence in me, although with the current lack of learning anything new that intellegence level is certainly stagnant.

Midtown Yoga on Preston Street is certainly the hottest place in town... literally. Community Vinyassa on Sunday nights for only $6!!! Sweating so much I can wring it out of my hair. Reaching new levels of flexibility and confidence in my poses. The fast-paced session gets my heart running and mind more in tune. If only the normal session fees were more reasonable to us poor young professionals. Although I don't consider myself in that group quite yet as I don't seem to ever have a "real" job. I guess floating offices don't count as professional environments.

After realizing the full extent of my recent immoral behavior in relationships I have taken a new turn! Hooray for good behavior - one gold star for me! I stopped talking to the cheater. Trying to have more of a relationship with Wilson when he isn't pouting. And my older man decided to fall of the face of my earth two weeks ago. He is currently sleeping on a portaledge on El Cap. I guess that is good enough reason for him not to call me, but what about the week before he left? If we go out again I am going to make sure I am quite honest and open with my need for having a more continuous behavior pattern out of him. A "real" relationship, and not just the convenience kind that he seems to enjoy too much. The worst part is that I cannot stop thinking about him and his little boy smile. There is an amazing song by Jewel ... "It's not your little boy smile. It's not your little boy name. It's those big boy hands that are the ones to blame". The power in her voice makes me want to sing along loudly with the windows down hoping all men hear me and my copied wisdom.

Yesterday was the Fells Point Festival. Parking was even more insane than expected. Thousands of people walking around; most with a beer in their hands. I brought Goose with me. The attention levels go from the occasional eye contact to every other person stopping to pet him and ask me silly dog people questions. "awww, how old is he?" Really, who asks this question? Why does it matter? The one lady who was telling me I had a good 6 years left before he dies, but not to worry about it because he's worth it now even though the pain of his death will leave me with a heavy heart. OMG! People are crazy. If I wasn't walking around with Ben looking like a cute couple, I am sure I would have gotten a few new guy introductions. Men seem to love the fact that he is named after a Top Gun character.

Apparently Turkey does not have enough rapport to join the European Union under a full membership. Bush and FEMA are idiots when it comes to national disasters. The south is a mess due to hard-hitting hurricanes. The Supreme Court will have a new debut next week with Roberts as the new Cheif Justice and someone yet to be named (hopefully not a conservative born-again everyone is fearing). And who leaked the name of the CIA operative? Oh the world is a mess... the question is, will I ever be important enough to make a difference?


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