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22 August 2005

Who's next?

My eyelids must weigh 10lbs today. It is hard to sit here at work and not go crash in one of the yachts for a few hours. But there are good tunes on the radio keeping me going and a tasty tuna sandwhich in the fridge. Every once in a while my spontineaity ruins me (ok, so more often then I would like to admit). Last night was a pathetic version of an all night movie marathon due to extreme exaustion and feelings of guilt. Johnny Depp did give another good performance in Pirates of the Caribbean. All night movie marathons are meant to be silly and full of tears, laughter and loads of sugar. There were some great scrambled eggs consumed (texas pete's hot sauce is key), but no sour patch kids or lemonheads to rot my teeth. It was a decent evening with Sparrow. I do feel guilty about not feeling more guilty about being the "other woman" in his life. What does that mean?

Yesterday was Sterling's birthday, 29 and very upset about it. Another confusing friendship. Went to the movies together and had a sweet time. He makes me laugh in more a a subdued way. Not the falling off your seat racous laughter, but smiling constantly. I do not understand him, but don't try to either. Wonder what he thinks about me and what his level of interest is. Tried to get away with just a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night, but that didn't go as planned. The truth is I enjoy the simplicity of his kisses and our complex attraction.

This certainly was a cinema weekend as I also went to the movies with an older man for a fun little date. He is very reserved... cautious even. Likes holding hands in public much to my surprise. And ironically enough saw the most scandelous and dirty movie short of hard-core gay porn. The Aristocrats was an interesting documentary of many comedians and their secret dirty little joke. Not quite an appropriate date movie but I had a good laugh. Walking out of the theatre what do you say to that one?! "So... umm... *awkward silence*... funny eh? I personally liked the mime fucking the dog in the ass best. Or was it a baby? It's hard to tell with mimes you know." Eeeks! Hopefully we will have a more socially acceptable date next time ;o) Things with him could turn out wonderfully if he can keep my interest. It's moving at a very slow pace right now which makes it hard to get excited about.


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